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Under Support and Downloads - Training Resources and Videos
Click on InterWriteWorkspace 8 and note the videos available for training!

Download Quick Step Guides If Needed and view videos

Module 1
- Getting Started with Workspace (4 videos)
Using Basic Tools to Create a Workspace Document (Download Quick Step Guide)
Interactive Modes (Download Quick Step Guide)

Module 2 - Creating Interactive Content (4 videos)
Advanced Toolbar(Download Quick Step Guide)
Math Tools(Download Quick Step Guide)
Create and Modify Pages(Download Quick Step Guide)
Add Gallery Content(Download Quick Step Guide)

Module 3 - Engaging Content with Learners (1 video)
Using Tools to Engage Students and Content(Download Quick Step Guide)

Module 4 - Integrating Multimedia Resources (2 videos)
Add Multimedia Resources(Download Quick Step Guide)
Create and Manage Multimedia Resources(Download Quick Step Guide)

Module 5 - Using Workspace with Other Applications (2 videos)
Create Hyperlinks and Setting the Browser(Download Quick Step Guide)
Office Mode(Download Quick Step Guide)

Module 6 - eInstruction Product Suite Integration (3 videos)
Import ExamView Files(Download Quick Step Guide)
Integrating CPS, Response, and PRS Questions(Download Quick Step Guide)
Using ExamView in Workspace with CPS or Response(Download Quick Step Guide)

Module 7 - Customizing Workspace (5 videos) View Tutorials
Hide Tutorials

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Can I save my IWLesson to my webpage? – Yes, file/export as PDF then upload to in10sity

Can I record a lesson that I teach?

Can I…

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